Tate Langdon, a role played by the beautiful Evan peters. He is just a character, he does not exist so...why do i want him so bad? and its nothing normal, i don't want to be with Even peters, but i do with Tate. They are the same person physically, but i have fallen in love with his little quirks, and attributes as well as his mentality. i can just relate to Tate in a way that i my self don't even understand

I think i relate to him because i too am hurting and feel like i keep finding my self stuck in positions of fright because my own recklessness has allowed me to become someone who may harm.

I love the way he cares for violet, and the way he slowly opens up to her and shows her who he is, who he was afraid the world would see. i lov e the way he cares about her feelings more than his own and how he just wants her to be happy.

Maybe i just feel lonely. maybe i am just twisted. but when ever i see them, not just him, but all the characters through the screen i feel important. i feel as if i am there with them and i am a part of the story too.