Heii y'all! I wanted to share more gift Ideas with you. I was surprised on how many people heartend my last article about present Ideas!! thank you

Create a Bucket for your friends

big best friends

Grab yourself a pencile and a paper or a notebook. Note down, what you want to do with your friends or what you know they want to do.
Sometimes you and your friends have big wishes. BUT there are also small ones. And you can try to organize some of them. Do you understand?
example: -bake a cake together (cake recipe)

Here are some Ideas I had:

  • Go jogging together (jogging pants, shirt)
  • Go shopping together and only the other one can pick and buy things for you (Money, piggy bank)
  • Paint our shoes (Shoes, shoe box, painting)
  • Paint a picture together (buy paint or canvas)
  • Eat ice cream together (Map that shows good ice cream stores)
  • Write a letter to each other (paper and pen, stamps)
  • Write a letter to our future us/ wife/ children (paper and pen)
  • Go picknicing (picnic blanket)
  • Travel Europe or another city/continent (Map with places you want to visit)
  • Try to make every smoothie out of a smoothie recipe book (recipe book)
  • (Disney) movie Marathon (DVD)
  • Fotoshoting
  • Best friend tag video (Questions)
  • Vlog for a day
disney balloons before i die before i die before i die Superthumb

thx for reading. Heart if you wanna read more about my gift Ideas!!