So a few weeks ago I wrote an article where I recommended my favourite series.

Well, the list goes on... So here we go with part two:

Switched at Birth

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Oh my god, this show... It's a true masterpiece. Plus you can really learn by watching it and it still is very interesting. The story is about, well, two girls who got switched at birth and it starts with that very typical plot: The parents aren't sure, if they should swap back, they love the daughter they raised but they also want to get to know their biological daughter. One family is rich, the other one isn't. But here's the interesting thing: one of the daughters is deaf! So the question is: would she be able to hear, if she grew up in the other family?
It is amazing to learn sign language with this series. Some scenes are completely silent, so you can relate to the life of deaf people and it really makes you think about it...

One Tree Hill

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Ugh, this show is so old! But at the same time: It never gets old. Starting of as a high school drama, the story line gets really interesting, kinda like a soap opera, and you can't turn it off, because it's so exciting. The story line is about two half brothers, who never had anything to do with each other, one of them popular and daddy's favorite, the other one living alone with his mum. But as the unpopular one gets into the school basketball team, the brothers suddenly have to deal with each other and at first it's not easy.
The story goes on, in about six seasons, so there is a lot happening,not to spoil anything for you, but it includes a stalker, a terror attack and kidnapping...

Gossip Girl

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And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell... You know you love me...
Oh yeah we do. We definetly do. I mean, which teenage girl has not watched Gossip Girl? I remember the guesses were going crazy around my class, but no one really got it right. The series shows the life of rich teenagers in Manhattan, from high school to college, including any drama you might imagine. The love stories truly are heartbreaking... Everyone ships Chuck and Blair, am I right?

New Girl

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Best. Comedy. Ever. I can't think of a single episode that didn't make me laugh. The characters are pure gold. I can't even tell which one is my favorite, they're all the funniest persons alive. After watching New Girl, you'll want to sign up for some roommates immediately. "Mom, Dad, I'm moving out, I'm gonna be living my own version of New Girl." Then you'd just gotta find some people like those masterpieces in the series, to have fun with...

That's it for now with series recommendations. I still got a lot of new series, which I would recommend, if you liked this article and want some more.
Anyways, you can also check out my collection of aesthetic or funny pictures of series right here:

And now go ahead and watch them series from the beginning til the end, you've got a lot to do...