It's hard to breathe, and my legs are heavier than I am. My best friend starts to overtake me, and I do not like to admit it. I want to come first. There are about twenty meters left, and somehow miraculously managed to escape into the front.
The coach told us both that we will participate in the Olympics. Finally! This is not the end, we did not win - we just noticed. And not only us. There will be four of us.
I was put in a couple with Mark. First, I did the exercises with my best friend, but honestly I would be more interested in Mark. He is a good guy. But I so want to defeat him in "drudgery". There are two sides to this medal - I always want to win, so I try because of all my strength, but I've never done it so carefully, for fear of hurting. Strange, I thought, I could never hit him. Somehow he's good, I do not know what to say.
We made friends with him. We talk mostly about running, or about family. Although our conversations do not last longer than five minutes. I didn`t have so much fun with anyone else. One of his bandana makes me laugh. He's not like me. I'm quiet, and calm. And he's like a hurricane, one second here the another second there.
I knew the name of this lake. But I forgot. It's cold and dirty. But there is no one here, and you can yell that we do it in general, and it's frantic.