Words. Even in the world of extremely destroying weapons, I still believe words are the most powerful ones. The problem is people don't usually realise this. They say whatever comes on their mind without thinking about it even for a second. You have to be aware of the fact that words hurt. They are like bullets that hit your soul instead of your body.

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I can't tell you how many times people hurt me just because they said something they did not mean. Words can get you down. They can make you feel like you're drowning, not able to breathe. They can hurt you so much you forget what it's like to feel something. You become numb.

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But if words can hurt us, the right words can also heal us. They can make us shine. We can make other people shine. We can change their lives just thanks to words. We can make them feel better about themselves. Just think about your favourite song or book. They change our lives. And those are words. That's the great power of them. But again, it's a weapon and weapons are used to do dark things as well.

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Why am I writing about words? Well, I've always loved them. Journaling, short stories, poems... I love playing around with words. (ok, bear in mind that I'm not that good at writing in English since it's not my mother tongue) But all I want to say is be careful with your choice of words. Because they mean a lot.