serenity noun /sɪˈrɛnɪti/
~ the state of being calm, untroubled and peaceful

Hi, I've lost all control of my own life.
(scroll down a bit if you just want to know my plan on how to reverse such effects)

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In a handful of months I've had an unprecedented amount of life changes; a breakup, a move to a different country on my own, a new job, a fresh circle of friends and new studies.

Such considerable changes were intertwined with the challenges of working 60+ hours a week, an illness, a tendency to drink far too much too often and low self esteem.

Not the best combination in the world

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it's been a whirlpool of emotions

I'm pretty broken, but nothing overly dramatic. I'm just mentally exhausted, physically drained and absolutely uninterested in everything I once loved.

I'm not here to rant, however. I'm here to change. I'm here to find serenity once more.

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I'm on a mission to find happiness, feel good about myself, boost my energy and become untroubled, like I was once before.


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  • Exercise - Walk/run/DANCE!
  • Good mood food - Nothing drastic: cut the shit, eat the veg
  • Get up early! - Watch the sun come up
  • Take a break - Because serenity won't come in the body of a textbook or in the fineprint of a payslip
  • Go outside - Feel the natural beauty of the sea, the wind and the mountains
  • Write it down - Everything! Write it all! Why do you think I'm writing this?
  • Spend time with friends - they know how to make you smile
  • Know this will take time - One trip to the gym or one healthy meal won't give you the peace you are looking for. Prepare to take time and create a new routine.
  • Breathe..
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Can I take my own advice? I'm about to find out