Ever since the age of 8 I use to compare myself to everything. By everything I mean everything from the girls/boys in the book I was reading to the fricken cartoon on the front of my cereal box, till I learnt to let go. Growing up for me was hard for me in the confidence department, I was the small chubby red head girl that didn't have friends and relied on family for everything . I wasn't very good at school, wasn't the skinniest, wasn't that prettiest and wasn't the most confident. At the age of 13 I realized that life isn't about that shit, life is about having fun,living not giving an f about what anyone says so my 5 tips in life are;

1! Come to terms with who you are, your sexuality,hair colour,body type etc,anything that you don't like about yourself, just remember that it makes you, YOU!

2! Life isn't a competition. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO UNREALISTIC THINGS IN LIFE, you are beautiful, it doesn't matter if someone is skinner than you or has slimmer legs, like step one come to terms with that is what makes you, you

3! Confidence isn't cocky. Being confidence shows that you know where you stand in the world, you love yourself and don't take peoples crap! confidence is a beautiful thing that everyone should have about themselves

4! Surround yourself with people that will lift you up. Make sure that you drop the toxic people in life that make you feel bad about yourself as all they want to do is take away your beautiful confidence. Just remember as important as It is to surround yourself with people that will lift you up, make sure that you also try to lift people up as well!

5! Hold your head high! Don't you ever forget who you are, you are an amazing worthy person that deserves to be loved and love themselves every.single.day. Don't let idea of that ideal person in your head tell you everything else!