Hey guys !

Autumn is actually here, the leaves change color and will soon fall, the cold settles and we exchange our shorts for wool sweaters and coats without forgetting the cute boots...

Each year, the fashion changes a bit, but we always know how to keep our few classics... (right?)

So, without further ado, I'm going to tell you about the upcoming fall trends to better help you get dressed during this awesome season

Hope you'll like it ♥︎ ♥︎

1- J E A N S

This year in particular, on Instagram and Tumblr I see more of dark shades for our jeans... ( Well, it's how you like to wear yours )

Personally, I really like this trend cause' I think that its "goes" with the season.

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(I wanted also to mentioned, that jean skirts will still be for Fall ♥︎)

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2- S H O E S

My fav part... I love sooo much shoes ! I have an incomparable number of boots, sandals and sneakers so I'm so happy that this year, again, the "suede" is still a major trend for Fall.

Also, velvet and orange, red shades will be fashionable...

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3- C O A T S

This is an other huge part, we ALL need those oversized coats that are really fashionable this year. Of any color and shape, for sure you're going to see a lot of fashionista wearing one !

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4- S H I R T S

Again, will be those pull-over, and sweater so comfy, so that's why I'm not going to talk about this much because you know... It's a must.

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