Yesterday was full of ups and downs. My friends and I went to the Global Citizens Festival since we got free tickets. We took at least 6 wrong shuttles and walked countless blocks, but eventually, we made it to Central Park. The lines were long, there was the smell alcohol and weed in the air. I had to take the East wing by myself, while my friends took the west side. Everyone was in a pen like a sheep or a goat. I eventually met up with two other friends, who luckily were in my pen. The music was great and the speeches were meaningful. Green Day was by far the best performance. We decided to leave after Green Day since it was already 8:00 and we had a train to catch. I hurried through masses of people, desperate to find a familiar face. Bingo! We spent a while trying to guide my friend via cell phone, in the dark, to where we were. That lead to walking more. We finally found the gold mine! Mc Donalds, which on any other day would have seemed like nothing, but to 6 hungry and tired girls was absolutely amazing. We hiked up to the second floor and I couldn't wait to bite into a crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich. We all finished in minutes. After our gourmet meal, we walked to grand central, tired, and screaming "A thousand miles" by Venessa Carlton at the top of our lungs. We dumped ourselves into a 6 seated train car and waited till we got home.