Hey! Guess who forgot to post an article about my favorite TV shows? ME! yeah, but I am going to write it now.

1. Atypical
I don´t know why I like it but I like it haha. The show is about Sam who is an 18-year-old who has autism and he wants a girlfriend. Sorry, I don´t really know how to explain the show but has one season and season 2 is coming in 2018 I think.

paige, atypical, and sam and paige image

2. Degrassi: Next class
The show is about teenagers at a high school in Toronto. The series covers issues such as mental illness, homophobia, racism, drug use, feminism, sexuality, religion, life-threatening diseases, online harassment, and dysfunctional families. The show has 4 seasons and season 5 of Degrassi: Next Class will almost certainly be on Netflix by mid-January 2018. I love the show because I love shows that are realistic and I think they are interesting to watch.

degrassi next class image

3. Stranger things
The show is about a boy who disappears and his mom, friends and a police chief must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back. The show has on the season but season 2 is going to be released on October 27th.I like the show because I like creepy movies and series and this series is kind of scary.

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Hopefully, you liked this Article! And sorry I suck at explaining things and I can´t take anything serious haha. Send me a postcard if you want to comment.
xo, @babyyyg1rl

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