God... Some believe it faithfully, some say they do, some can't, and some don't want to.

But the truth is, whether we believe the same God or not, whether we believe Him or not, we always tend to feel like there is someone inside our head we can talk to, like there's Someone up there looking after us.

So, maybe this won't make perfect sense to the atheists and agnostics, but it can.... I don't know... I just found this topic quite interesting.

As a catholic I always find myself filled with guilt. Sometimes bad guilt, bust most of the times the good kind of guilt, the one that makes us regret and apologize and realize that we are human, we make mistakes, we are far prom being perfect. This mistakes and this guilt bring me back to earth, they allow me to keep my feet on the ground and realize that I am barely someone.

So, in our relation with God, we start with a bit of a disadvantage. He is Perfect, I am far from it. He knows everything, and I, even though sometimes I think I do, know nothing. He can do everything, I can barely stand. So, we are constantly failing God in our relationship. If this could be treated as a human relationship, God would be a good, trustful, nice and kind,funny and wise friend, and we would be the one constantly owing money, lying, failing and constantly apologizing. But the thing is: He would keep forgiving us!

We are constantly in debt with God.How can we ever repay Him? Should we live our lives constantly trying to repay Him, aiming for perfection? Or living life behind closed doors to avoid sin?

The funny thing is, this is a kind of debt, that is not really a debt...

Let's see... We owe our parents. They made us, raised us and gave us what they could. But are we constantly trying to repay them? No. Of course not! That's the thing! They are our parents and we are their children. This is the base of our relation. We can try to repay them, but we never will.
The same happens with God. We are His children. He will keep forgiving us, He will keep picking us up. We owe him, of couse, but we can't ever repay Him! We can't treat Him like he's our boss, scared of our every move! We should avoid doing Him wrong, like we do with our parents, but never live in fear because He knows us more than we know ourselves.

To conclude, let's live our lives to the fullest, lets be the protagonists of our lives, never forgetting His eternal love and His eternal friendship!


Second Article! Really sorry for the typos! This one was a bit religious but I think it is a topic that matters so... See you in the next one!