its totally okay if you're shy, sweetheart. at the end of the day, we all are. but if you really wanna put yourself out there, you're gonna have to get out of your comfort zone. thats hella hard, i know. but i'm ready to guide you.

fake it till you make it

be an actress, play the most conifdent person. its always easier to pretend to be something, than to actually be it. chin up, back straight, confident steps. those are the physical aspects that will attract attention. smiling, body language, striking conversations - these are the psycological aspects.

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always act like you're being filmed

make yourself believe you're being filmed or photographed. that will allow you to control your actions and your looks in public and teach you how to always keep in mind the perspective of people around you

stay busy, be exclusive

being always busy and having alternative plans serves more to your self esteem than it seems. people will gravitate even more towards you if you push them away. dont overpush though!

be nice and educated!

looks are not the only thing that gets peoples attention. so does intellect and character! keep your grades high and always help out if people ask you to. being nice is always the most important, people always notice it and remember.

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NEVER feel guilty for being and acting confident

sweetheart, we are all shy and have our flaws that we so desparately try to hide. its okay to wanna feel better and look better. its okay to love yourself and show it. be proud and loud. be a bitch about it. you deserve to love yourself. because if you do, so will others and that will only make you happy <3


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