Everyone, stop what you're doing and look up...

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In a world full of electronics and distractions it's easy to forget your surroundings. We get so easily distracted by social media and our favourite tv shows etc that we forget to look up and enjoy the world as it is. We neglect our family and pets and instead spend time talking about the newest app. It is too easy nowadays to forget what really matters in life. Stop complaining and start doing.

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Put your phone down and go outside. Breathe in the fresh air and be thankful. Thankful that you are lucky enough to be able to follow your dreams achieve your goals and aspirations because I promise you loads are not so lucky. We get so caught up in our own tiny problems the bigger picture gets hidden behind fake friends, what clothes to wear and other unnecessary complications. Everyone forgets about the people who are starving, dehydrated, homeless. People who had to flee from the homes because their country was devastated by a natural disaster or a man-made war. All the suffering and pain in the world and we are complaining about a test when some don't even have the right to education.

So be thankful. Be blessed because let me tell you, YOU ARE. So stop next time before you complain about something and look up. Think about those less fortunate and be thankful that you have the strength to make a change in the world.

Love, K.