Hello guys,
I'm Joey and I am OBSESSED with the Maze Runner books and the Movies + Cast. Minho is my favorite Character in the books and in the movies I'm all up for Thomas and Newt! #NEWTMAS
It makes me so happy to see and "meet" sooo many fans here on WHI too. TMR community is phenomenal and so is each and every one of you. There are such awesome memes, imagines, pics and lil stories/fanfictions, some of them make me sad but most of them make me cry cuz I laugh my ass of and people think I need help. (Everyone who reads books in public knows what I mean. Those awkward situations when something extremely funny, annoying or sad happens in a book and try so hard to not scream out loud. Well, I do it anyway. xD )
So yeah, I thought I could share some of my fav TMR memes with you. :)
And as I said, Newt is one of my favs in the movie and he seems to be the most popular, so I have quiet a few memes of him.
Also memes or funny pics of the cast in general.
:) ♥
Oh. And dear fangirl/fanboy,
There might be spoilers if you didn't read the books and
the maze runner, newt, and thomas image
book, maze runner, and fandom image
the maze runner image
hahaha ♥
Minho, newt, and thomas image
OMG ♥_♥
maze runner, newtmas, and book image
funny, sarcasm, and reaction pic image
newt, got, and jojen reed image
Story of my life. xD ♥
Minho, newt, and thomas image
funny, math, and class image
hahah ♥
newt, the maze runner, and funny image
libros, memes, and thomassangster image
actor, funny, and good mood image
book, thomas sangster, and maze runner image
funny, the maze runner, and newt image
SPOILER!!!! Ok, tbh this pic is probably more fun if you didn't read the books cuz in the books it doesn't make sense at all to climb up the walls since it's simply not possible. #underthedomevibes xD But still love that interview. ♥
crush, funny, and dylan o brien image
funny, kaya, and the maze runner cast image
gif, newt, and thomas image
funny, test, and school image
gif, kiss, and dylan obrien image
the scorch trials, the maze runner, and KAYA SCODELARIO image
newtmas image
Minho, newt, and newt imagines image
amazing, quote, and words image
♥ ♥ ♥
baby, bae, and thomas image
book, show, and thomas sangster image
gif, movie, and newt image
newt image
book, funny, and the maze runner image
fandom, gif, and saying image
GIRL! How dare you!?! xD ♥
newtmas image
newt, newt imagines, and thomas image
newtmas, newt, and thomas image
newt, thomas brodie sangster, and tmr image
adorable, dylan o'brien, and boys image
gif, laugh, and newt image
funny, KAYA SCODELARIO, and squad image
Image by jayden
:( ♥
gif and maze runner image
book, imagine, and thomas sangster image
book, meme, and movie image
book, imagine, and thomas sangster image
book, imagine, and thomas sangster image
aaaahhhhh *-* ♥
newt and newt imagines image
haha ♥
finger, thomas, and the maze runner image
wtf I love Dylan so much omg haha xD ♥
newt, thomas sangster, and thomas brodie sangster image
the maze runner, newt, and thomas image
newt, newt imagines, and thomas image
imagine, newt, and the maze runner image
You guys, why is he so cute? xDD ♥
Image by Ani
Dylan xD ♥
thomas, dylan o'brien, and newt image
*-* ♥
dylan o'brien, newtmas, and thomas image
Also a few TMR/Cast videos I LOVE. ♥ First 5 Parts of TMR and TST EXTREMELY funny Moments and then a few other videos. :)

♥ Part 1


♥ Part 2


♥ Part 3


♥ Part 4


♥ Part 5


♥ Thomas (DOB) and Newt (TBS) Almost Kiss:

♥ Ki Hong Lee (Minho) Snapchat Story:


♥ Dylan O'Brien Zoning Out (So funny xD):

♥ Thomas Brodie-Sangster Edit Compilation:


the maze runner. image
Seriously James, Wes, the Cast, the whole Team
And shame on youfor killin so many fangirls. xD ♥