I really like to being organized. I've told you how I search for inspo and how I organized my notebooks/journal, but now I'll tell you why I have my collections like this.

Fashion & Style

Pics about my passion.

Image by sündos
Here I look for my everyday inspo.


You know that I love being inspire by your articles and your beautiful pics, so here I heart images that I want to try whenever.

fashion image
I want to get all of these magazines!

Spring - Summer

Pics I want to try but in these seasons.

girl, hair, and new york image
Visit big city!

*Autumn - Winter-

Same as spring-summer. I heart images for my next fall.

My articles


me af

Images I feel identificated.

funny, comic, and ponytail image

Our world

Pictures about our amazing world.

sky, clouds, and nature image

Baby Famous

Pics about my fav babies.

louis tomlinson, louis, and one direction image

What's are your collections? Can you'all recommend me some?

love ya, babygirl