Whether you're a student or work a full time job, your time is frickin' valuable. You're out doing what you do best, right? Setting goals and smashing them. However, it's important to be cognizant that you need time to yourself, too.


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"But Girl Boss Elle, you're always encouraging hard work!!"

And I am, but hear me out!

1. Your body needs to recover

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If you're still young and even in school, your parents may disagree. Nonetheless if you're engaging in anything involving setting and achieving goals, give yourself a rest day on the weekend. Please and thank you.

2. Self reflection

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It's crucial to anyone's growth process to take time to reflect on how far they've come. There's also room for improvement and changes to be made. Trust me, you need time to assess things like that. Take yourself out on a coffee date or put on some relaxing music and get ready for a better you!

3. A clear mind leads to fresh ideas

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The takeaway:
Never feel guilty about take time to relax and refocus no matter what person A or person B thinks you should do. Chasing goals can be exhausting and I know from experience. Go to that spa, take that bubble bath, have that cup of tea (as long as you're relaxing).