As I do remote work, mainly from my home, I wanted to write this Article to help others in the same situation. These tips might work also if you are studying full-time from home.

In the morning:

1. Plan your day

The key to successful workday is to plan your day ahead. Try to plan your days one week ahead, so you won't get stressed. I use the calendar on my phone, with notifications.

girl, vintage, and bed image
Felt sleepy today, I didn't wanna wake up.
book apple
I write a bit of journal, just to wake up my mind and started working
Time to focus:

2. Split your to-do list into a few hour tasks
Think about the things you need to get done and focus on one task at the time.
I usually do two to three hour periods, but when I'm working with friends, I use Pomodoro-technique.

3. Eat healthily
Having a good meal is important. It gives your brain more energy to focus.

avocado delicious Superthumb breakfast

4. Focus on the important
Do the most important tasks in the morning.
If you feel tired, do easy tasks first. If you are full of energy, focus on the harder ones.

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put on my favorite dress and started working like a girl boss ;)

5. Take a break
Schedule some time when you are totally out of your working mode, go outdoors, read a book, have fun with your family and friends.

fruit Superthumb
After the task was done I went to the backyard to pick up some raspberries and chanterelles with the family of mine.
Later in the day:

6. Get inspired
Go to window shopping, meet your friends or have a cup of tea in the Café while browsing WHI. After that, you have the energy to complete rest of your day's tasks.

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apartment, imac, and decor image
I usually do one more work slot and go to work to the city to some café or free office.
In the evening:

7. Exercise

Make sure you take care of your body and do some workout as you please. Don't forget to eat healthily throughout the day.

fit fitness
I decided to get back in shape after a back injury, slow start, but it felt good.

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