First of all I want to thankyou boys for everything,for growing up with me.My youth will be beautiful and will be something worth to look back at memories of my fangirl life.I am a 17year old girl who doesn't has even one single friend the way other people enjoys their teen life with friends having fun I spend my whole vacation and days at my home because no one's there to enjoy with me I know I alone can be happy and there are many ways to be happy by yourself but at the end of the day I always envy those making their memories of their youth with their friends doing the wildest things experiencing new thing and having a good time.But thanks to these 7boys that I have something to look back when I will grow old and those melodies of them brings the flashbacks about how i cried when their album released how I waited until late midnights till their videos drop.When I cried all night long because I was in depression and tried to hurt myself many times their musics comforted me it gave me the sense of warmth I was touched by their lyrics,it was weird that 7 boys whom i don't even knew changed my life totally,they gave me hopes and wings and wiped my tears through their voices filled me with positive thoughts and pulled out depressions from my soul by their songs and I will not ever regret listening to them. I am so thankful to LORD for existing me as same time as them couldn't be more luckier even though you don't know me I am always sending my prayers to you.Thankyou for everything my 7 bestfriends!