I thought it was forever, you and I
It was so unbelievable, so different, so amazing
I thought this time, it would be different
You were different so it must have had been

city girl

However you proved me again how much of a fool I was
I tried, I really did try to make it work
But you messed up, over and over
You didn’t really care about how I felt, did you?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you
I helped you with everything you wanted to be helped with
I have my everything and anything
A little bit of me sank deeper while I was saving you a bit more

boy drowning girl

Now your head isn’t underwater anymore
Don’t worry about mine, you were the one I cared for most

You just took and took and I was always there to give
Although I didn’t have anything to give
I always found a way to give, until I even gave from me

Every little bit and in the end, here I am
You left me with nothing
But a broken heart

Superthumb art

I am trying to forget where I was
Where we both were, together
But there is no way in the world
I will ever forget how your eyes changed
From feeling guilt
To believing this is what I deserved