One more playlist, but this time it's going to be the songs I've been listening to this month. I hope you enjoy!

1°- Lolita - Lana Del Rey

lolita, red, and lana del rey image

2°- Jealous Girl - Lana Del Rey

2, baby, and im image

3°- I'm Gonna Show You Crazy - Bebe Rexha

snapchat, quote, and sad image

4°- Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Swift, taylor, and look what you made me do image

5°- My Swagger - GOT7

kpop, mv, and got7 image

6°- Hard Carry - GOT7

got7, mark, and JB image

7°- Call Me Baby- EXO

exo, call me baby, and Chen image

8°- Back To You - Louis Tomlinson feat. Bebe Rexha

louis tomlinson, back to you, and one direction image

9°- Homewrecker - Marina And The Diamonds

marina and the diamonds and homewrecker image

10°- One For The Road - Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, one for the road, and alex turner image

The End~~