Hello! In order to celebrate my Got7 bias' birthday, I decided to write an article of twenty one reasons I love Youngjae~

(even though I think in Korean age he would be 22? not quite sure since I'm still confused after 5 years of being a kpop fan lol)

1. His voice (listen to Trauma to celebrate the birth of our VOCAL!!! KING!!! support ARS!!!)

2. His smile (so radiant)

3. The freckle/mole under his eye (i'm a big supporter of freckles ahhh)

4. How easily scared he is (so cuutteee)

5. His fashion sense (i would steal every outfit if I could tbh)

6. His laugh (it literally brightens my day)

7. His musical abilities (writing music? playing piano??? he INVENTED it!!!!)

8. How caring he is (he truly loves his other members, and if he wasn't an idol he would be a music therapist!! he cares about people so much)

9. His legs (maybe this is just me BUT I love his legs they're just really nice)

10. His nose (another one that's just a little out there but his nose is really cute let me liVE)

11. How cheerful he is (he makes me so happyyyyy)

12. How hardworking he is (i mean, look how hard he works! he only trained seven months before debuting?!?! amazing)

13. Hates cucumbers (this one is personal lol I'm allergic to cucumbers and when I found out he hated them (( also might be allergic but I hear both )) I was so happy idk why)

14. His love for Coco (Coco is the best (( also was shook by the fact Coco is my nickname to my family and I was like ???? youngjae ?????)

15. He's such a dork (i don't even need to explain it he's such a dork omgomgogm)

16. He's a sunshine (he's so positive and even though I don't know him personally, he brightens my day just by existing)

17. selfie king (his sELFIES KILL ME HE!!! IS!!! A!!! KING!!!!!!)

18. Adorable! (if you haven't noticed, Youngjae is literally a soft lil bean)

19. Model (any photoshoot Youngjae has done he is SERVING visuals)

20. Gamer Boii (he loves video games, which I love also. It's a win-win)

21. EVERYTHING!!! No matter what insecurities Youngjae has, I just want him to know he is perfect the way he is. I never want him to change a thing about himself for anyone or anything. Choi Youngjae deserves appreciation!!!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this educational and inspirational post about the Sun that radiates our entire planet and keeps serving us warmth, visuals, and music!!