Hiiii !! ♡

Issa me, (Mario hehe) (ok no :() (< THIS LOOKS SO CREEPY)

ok. Hi, it's me, Leni ♡
maybe you know me as @xxgrande but now I'm @babydollave !!
btw who knows me since I was @photographerleni? That would be so cool !! Thanks to everbody that supports me since then ♡
Ok so I'll tell you now WHY I started WHI and what I'll do.
so WHY? First I was on pinterest and I posted there a lot but nobody cared, so I started WHI and I am very happy 'bout that because I got a lot more support. I started here and I actually just wanted to post on here things like sunset, sunrises,... because I wanna be a photographer one day !! But that got pretty boring and I got an Ariana-Grande-Fanpage. I still post things like sunsets but just sometimes.

I am not active on WHI but if you want me to be, tell me !! ♡♡♡

And now, HIIII to WHI and a big THANK YOU for making the 'chatting function', without that I wouldn't have got the possibility to chat with Jenna (oh hi Jenna, I love you).

So, Thank you WHI, Thank you Jenna, Thank you my followers for all the support and especially those who read 'til here. Thanks ! Y'all are loved.