To Anyone Who Hurt Me,
Maybe you meant to hurt me and felt like it would help you feel better; you tried to be a good person but just couldn't figure it out.
Maybe you just needed a friend but didn't know how to be one.
Maybe life got out of control.
Maybe you were hurt and I didn't know how to say something or thought I wouldn't understand.
Maybe I didn't know the whole story or reacted in a way that made things worse for you.
I'm sorry and I hope things change for you.
I hope you learn about love and real goodness. That someday someone shows you what I couldn't. The present is the only moment I am guaranteed and I want to spend it wishing good things for you instead of being bitter and constantly asking "why". Life is just too short. Someday, Perhaps in another lifetime, we'll say hello over tea.
The Girl Who Cares.