These are some outfit ideas that will look good in Autumn. I have left links to products at the end. My entire outfit idea collection will be at the end.


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Long, knitted style cardigans are super cute and cosy in the Autumn. They look cute over a dress, or paired with black jeans and a small top underneath.

Cuffed Sleeves

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Cuffed sleeves are great, especially when you are wearing an oversized sweater or want to show off jewellery you are wearing.

Gold Jewellery

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Gold is an autumn colour and also suits a vary of skin tones, and goes with most outfits. Long necklaces, interesting rings and matching bracelets look good. If you have paler skin, wear a lighter gold colour.


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Flannels can be worn in a variation of ways. Tied around your waist, buttons undone over a tee, or just generally worn. Good flannel colours are navy, yellow, and grey. Red flannels can work but paired with black can make you look 2000's emo, and with blue, doesn't go well.

Basic, Cute Sneakers

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Sneakers with light colours like white, pink and grey look so cute and go with almost everything. Brands like vans, converse and puma do cute trainers, but you can also get cute and more affordable sneakers that are just as nice.

My outfit idea collection for more inspiration!


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A grey cardigan :

A black cardigan:¤cyid=1&ppcadref=761030380%7C39786589403%7Cpla-302134891156&_cclid=v3_20da16fe-b877-56fe-9f75-9a8fdf57e628&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0ejNBRCYARIsACEBhDOjuCpb0Vy3KI8gaEiA9k1I4dZ93dB0GaqYfedED9vwo36NRr9a4pMaAjUsEALw_wcB


A navy, checkered flannel :

A grey flannel :

A purple/red/grey flannel :


Pink Vans :¤cyid=1&ppcadref=761030383%7C39786846163%7Cpla-306783851889&_cclid=v3_547c4394-5da5-5cbd-a556-156cc189cd23&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0ejNBRCYARIsACEBhDOXj3ZlbpIb1X3tnvunBcpgzf7gLvz_QaZqC8AAlG7udwG-N4Y8I7saAin2EALw_wcB

White Converse :,21/2413110844070?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0ejNBRCYARIsACEBhDPxs2vRTWERmXOlCz7d7fRflV62Z8DEF7bYUjhLEK5Zeo04Ffx0hHgaAnl9EALw_wcB