We all have unique and different styles when it comes fashion. For me my closet is moslty filled with longsleeved shirts and hoodies to get ready for fall and winter. I am here to share with you all some of my favorite outfits put together to create a stylish fall and winter wardrobe.

Here are my must haves for fall and winter fashion according to my style.

First you've got to have a couple of hoddies and sweatshirts. You can bust out those Bomber Jackets too!

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2nd you've got to have cute sweaters and longsleeve shirts

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3rd- Wear jeans,leggings, or even a cute skirt with high socks

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4rth- Wip out those boots or sneakers!
I love to wear high heeled boots the most.

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Last but not least accessories!
For me I would throw in a cute bag with a necklace or bracelet.

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Those are my Fall/Winter essentials! Hope you enjoyed this mini article!

Let me know what article you would like me to write about next!