“Humans aren’t gonna behave, as they think they always should. Yes, we can be bad, as we can be good.” –Marina and the diamonds

Oh, Humans.
Why do we think we rule the world?
Why do we kill, destroy, change and complain what is given to us?
Why do we choose to be against the nature, forgetting that we are also part of it?
Nature putted us here, but somehow we think it has no idea of what it is doing, we think that we have to change it for our own sake. Why?

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Humans are egocentric, they do everything just thinking about themselves; they think they are superior to everything around them and they always know what is best. We often see the nature as an enemy, something that can kill us. We were made to live there, not to destroy it.

See what we’ve become? Obsessed with our little life, with our money, our things, our “jobs”, our “goals”: Do we stop to thank nature? Do we stop to look at what we become? No, we don’t have time for that; we are too busy making money to have an iPhone 8 or trying to gain more followers on the social media. Do you see what we have become? We have a need for superficial shit and we don’t appreciate simplicity anymore.
We cut the weeds, we kill our “predators”, and we make other animals our slaves. Only thinking about our stupid “needs”, we think we can rule everything. Other species have the same right to live as we do. Maybe our “intelligence” is not that superior: we think that destroying nature, we are improving ourselves but we are too stupid to see that we need that, we couldn’t live without nature. Nature knows how to run things better than we would ever know. Respect and capacity of reduce ourselves to our insignificance: something they don’t teach us at school. Something that one day will end up with our race.

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