Hey there!! it's lame me again.Gotta admit that 16 hearts for the first article I posted astonished me. I MEAN 16 HEARTS. It may not mean much for most people, but going from not posting at all and then getting 16 hearts on my first post meant a lot to me. THANKS A LOT FOR EVERY SINGLE READER.

So, today's post is gonna be a book review.
Some time ago I've read this book called "Before I Fall". The reason that made me buy this book:

a) I went into a bookstore, so I had to get out of there with a book in my hand (Duhh)

b) It had " Now a Major Motion Picture" and " New York Times Bestselling Author" on it.

c) I've somehow heard that the movie was in cinemas, so the smart girl that I am figured this book must be a hit.


It was horrible, when I finished it I was about to cry and weep for the time that I have spent reading it.
This was written on the back of the book:
Samantha Kingstone has it all: looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12, should be just another day in her charmed life . instead, it turns out to be her last. The catch: Samantha still wakes up the next morning.

LOOK AT THAT. That's written especially for people like me to get fooled and buy that book.
as a summary: Sam dies, but she wake up the next day. she wakes up to relive the day that she died on. she relive the said day for seven times. Each time with another chance to make a different decisions and choices. Throughout the book we notice themes such as love, sacrifice, friendship, death, and the bullying part of the high school experience is obvious. On day five, Sam gets down to the fact that her death is intertwined with the death of another girl named Juliet, who she used to bully with her friends. Juliet commits suicide on every single day so the death of Juliet means the rewind of Sams day. The book ends on the seventh day when Sam dies instead of Juliet.

So that's it, and I personally hated it. If you've read it and have different opinion on it please let me know with solid proof of why would you like such book.

Although the book was bad, I got a couple of cheesy, lovely, beautiful quotes out of it. Will post those in the next article. Until then keep in touch for the next post.