Hello, mortals. Although I'm mortal too so that's kinda dumb... Okay, then!

Here's my five favorite shows by genre:

Lighthearted Show You Can Watch Infinite Times: Friends

friends, love, and quotes image
I'm especially happy that Ross isn't in the picture above. I hate him, sorry.

I've watched every episode at least 5 times with no exaggeration.

Joey 90s

It's amazing if you're bored with nothing else to do. You can never get tired of it.

Dark Show: Death Note

death note, L, and anime image
Death Note is an absolute stan. I started watching one day and binged it hardcore.

The gore of it isn't severe as most deaths are by non-visible heart attacks. During the entire show - consisting of 37 episodes - I only had to look away maybe once and that's coming from someone with an extreme hyper-anxious personality.

Note: I watched my first horror movie today and it was Jaws which shows you that I'm super weak about this stuff.

If you do want gore, then watch the live-action Netflix version. It is super bloody and violent. But in comparison to the show, it's horrible.

Kira is childish and hates losing. I am also childish and hate losing.
— L

Coming Of Age/Musical: Glee

glee, dolphin, and gay image

Glee is a somewhat lighthearted show about nerds bonding with jocks and singing a lot. Of course, that's not the whole show. It does an amazing job of portraying sexuality, race, and gender issues as well as showing bullying and no one is perfect.

Literally the only reason I know have the songs I do.

Anime [Even though that's a broad term]: Ouran High School Host Club or The Seven Deadly Sins

Ouran High School Host Club

anime and ouran image

Every character has its niche which is good because if you hate quiet characters, there's a character that's practically on crack. Every stereotype is broken in this show.

anime, dad, and tamaki image
Also if you don't love Haruhi's dad from just this gif, fight me.

The Seven Deadly Sins

anime, Elizabeth, and gif image

This show has thematic violence but it makes up for it in hilarious dirty jokes and an amazing talking pig named Hawk.

Also this dude exists and it's great.

ban, perfection, and seven deadly sins image
Ma boi Ban!

The End

Thanks for viewing. Hope you liked this and hopefully the shows too!

— girlinahoodie