I have decided that I want to live.
Not just breathe and make it through the day.
But really and truly live.

So fuck the people that I don't wanna be around.
I don't wanna waste my life pretending.
I'm gonna find the people that I like.
And I am going to embrace life with them.

So fuck the rules.
If I wanna go and break some rules I'm going to.
Because I don't want to be limited by society.
So if I want to speed I will speed.
And if I wanna do some drugs I'm gonna do some drugs.
And if I wanna get drunk I'm gonna get drunk.

So fuck doing things I don't enjoy.
Because I wanna be happy.
And I want to enjoy every second I have on this sucky earth.
So I'm gonna do the things I want.
And fuck the things I don't.

And I advise you to do the same.
Because why waste your one life just trying to get by.
And just trying to impress people who don't really care.
And being limited by the people who are to scared to be happy.

So go for it.
And really live.
Because you will never regret being happy.
I know I don't.