The (first) bucket list of my life!

  • Go skydiving (again)!
  • Get scuba diving certs
  • Go parasailing
  • Learn how to water ski (& snow ski if I ever get the chance)
beach Superthumb Superthumb fly
  • Attend a music festival (Rock in Rio, here I come!)
  • Learn some more languages - Spanish, Italian,..
  • Do a student exchange (currently doing this in Brazil!)
  • Go skinny dipping (in the Great Barrier Reef, beaches of Brazil, the Amazon,..)
  • Visit every state and territory of Australia
  • Visit all 7 continents! (this'll take a few years)
  • See Uluru, The Great Australian Bite, Cape York, Kakadu, Great Ocean Road & other famous Australian landmarks
  • Travel Europe! As much as I possibly can in a gap year!
Superthumb amsterdam animal acropolis
  • Try yoga
  • Get a tattoo (specifically, an exchange tattoo!)
  • More ear piercings - foreward helix, tragus, anti helix,..
  • Swim with whales, dolphins and sharks
  • Go in a submarine (might be a bit of a far-fetched hope)
  • Adopt another pet
  • Finish the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones series
  • Try new sport
  • Learn how to skateboard (this is not gonna end well, lol)
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These are just some of things I'd like to do before 1) my exchange is over, or 2) by the time I finish school!!
**Unfortunately, some are gonna take a few years (& skateboarding is probably never gonna happen, I'm so uncoordinated)