She looked at him, everything was different. The way he looked was different, his personality was different and the way she thought about him was different. She couldn't believe he was the same guy she meet years ago. She never thought that he would do something like that. He changed, he wasn't the same as before, he was different. She looked at him in the eyes, they weren't the same either. There wasn't even a spark anymore. She looked up and down his body. The way he stood looked different, the way he wore his clothes looked different and the way he looked at her looked different. She looked to the side to take a break, than looked back at him. Even then he looked different than what he did a couple seconds ago. The thing he did changed him and her. She looked at him harder than before. Her eyes on him and his eyes on her. He looked away, he couldn't stand to look at her. She stared up at the ceiling trying to hold the tears back. She looked back down at him, he still wasn't looking at her. She couldn't take it anymore. She let the tears fall, not stopping for a few seconds. She whipped them away before he looked up. He looked up and saw that her eyes were wet. He put his hand out, she backed away a little. He put his hand down and she moved forward. She could never look at him the same way. She didn't care anymore, she let the tears out. That's it... he cheated.