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In order to approach the romanian people, many members of the royal family start wearing romanian traditional costumes. But by far, the one who succeeded in imposing the folk costume, was the young and beautiful Crownprincess Marie.

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Although at the beginning seemed a bit odd, for the romanian nobility, to see The Royal Family wearing peasant clothes, soon the entire court started wearing folk costumes.

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Queen Elizabeth (Carmen Sylva)

Queen Elisabeth wrote in her introduction to the book "The Art of Tatting", written by her friend, Lady Katherin Hoare, published in 1910 in London, a book that wanted a kind of embroidery handbook for young ladies: "Is there a more delightful picture than a romanian peasant woman dressed in a folk suit with a red or orange skirt, with a yellow kerchief covering her black hair, with large, black eyes and a bright green jug on her head, rushing towards the house, or a romanian lady, with splendid garments, with a wonderful white or yellow veil, woven on the loom? "

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Even the little princesses wore proudly peasant clothes.

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Princess Marie "Mignon" of Romania (later Queen Marie of Yugoslavia)
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Princess Elizabeth of Romania with her sister Mignon
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Princess Elizabeth of Romania
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Princess Elisabeth,daughter of Victoria-Melita (Queen Marie's favorite sister) in Romanian Costume.
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The Romanian Royal Family and Franz Ferdinand of Austria
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Marie and her sons: Carol and Nicholas
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Crownprincess Marie with her first child, Prince Carol (future King Carol II of Romania) in 1894
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Princess Ileana (Marie youngest and most favorite child)
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Ileana and her family
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Princess Helena of Romania-Greece with future King Michael of Romania
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King Carol II and Queen Helen of Romania
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