Every flower must grow from the dirt,it's a cliche sentence I know.. But the feeling of being traped under the ground not being able to breath,speak or defend yourself for unknown reason even to you is constant.
You run but how can you run away if you're under the ground.
I hear those ''grown up kids'' say you will overcome and learn things with time.
What things?
What time?
Who are YOU anyway?
When will it stop?
When can I stop questioning everything all the time?
Why does it matter anyway when we all are gonna become dust,fly in the air above the sky itself..
Fly in the air above the sky itself...
It sounds so nice,the word fly when you're trapped under the ground.
Grasping for air,your heart skips a beat everytime someone steps on the earth above you ..
And you run,run and run again.
From who?
From the ''grown up kids''?
From '' parents''?
Or just from yourself,casue you have no where to run in the ground..
You heard the sky crying so many times,sometimes you even felt its tears and they fed you .
You heard the sky being happy,and its sun beans sometimes touch you if the earth is moody from the rain..
And the day came,you wanted to see the sky not just hear it or feel it for one moment, you wanted to see it, to touch it ..
So you started getting taller and taller and you grew up.. Earth tried to stop you she was mean and wanted you all for herself but you fought and you got up..
And you realized all that suffering was worth it, casuse the moment you saw the sky and the sun, everything else became less important your eyse were fixed on the sky and on tought how to learn to fly..