Autumn is here!

I created a list of 8 things that you absolutely need in your closet this autumn. Get your closet ready by finding your Jackets, cool Accessories and a great pair of Shoes.

Here you go!

1 . Warm dress
Go for thicker materials, long sleeves, and hems. Don't forget to put on your stockings when days get colder.

bag beauty bag dress black black

2 . Cardigan
Warm and cozy woolen sweater or cardigan is best to keep you warm in the cold days.

beauty beauty book Superthumb bag accessories

3 . Perfect shoes
Choose your perfect shoes for walking in the leafy streets.

black adidas black shoes beauty adidas

4 . Sweater
When you want to get comfortable and wear something warm, go for sweaters.

black bag fashion fashion

5 . Denim
Pair your knits and sweaters with your favorite jeans

bag amazing

6 . Accessories
Make a statement and accessorize with your favorite Pieces of jewelry and a bag.

Superthumb Superthumb blue accessories accessories anniversary

7 . Jackets
Invest in a good and classic jacket to stay warm in the Autumn breezes.

blonde black beige black

8 . Scarf and mittens
Keep yourself warm with scarf and mittens.

autumn christmas
coat gloves

Bonus: Lip balm/lipstick
Brighten up your Autumn look with caring lip balm or lipstick

beauty blonde model beauty

Have a lovely autumn!

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