It's not so much to say about my life.....i am a simple person.....i have a blue-green eyes.....brown medium hair....i like blue and turquoise....i love TO DRAW....especially when outside is a beautiful day....with blue sky and clouds white like give me a amazing feeling and love for this time i listen music and after i wanna learn to paint with watercolours....because to be a artist you need to know to paint and draw in much ways....and i wanna be one....i know to draw....but to be a artist you need to practice as much as posible....WELL....IN ONE WORD MY LIFE IS ABOUT ART.... XD and now some photos and gifs :

rose, fire, and flowers image
flowers, daisy, and yellow image
snapchat, art, and draw image
fashion, style, and watch image
weird, grunge, and black image
gif image
lion, colors, and wallpaper image
girl, hair, and eyes image
cat, cute, and animal image
gif image
stars, light, and night image
headphones, pink, and camera image
headphones and rainbow image
cat, eyes, and animal image
pink, Brushes, and blue image
Image by AnaMaria1103ana45
Made by me AnaMaria1103ana45
lips, beauty, and blue image

Sorry for long post...but i really like this photos and gifs and i hope you like them too....and if you them and follow me if you want...thanks for attention....i'll post tomorrow a new article if i can...and i post some new photos now...bye all...
Have a nice day ,

30.08.2017 - post