Originally I wanted to write a post about autumn and incredible feeling of cosiness that it gives to me. It could be a nice start to my blog. However, I chose another topic, which is also close to me.

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"School again!", "There was not enough relax this summer!", "I hate it!" -- this is what we hear every August and September. People see in it something scary, awful, and we can understand those, whose reasons are not just back to school or something like that. Lately I've heard a lot nasty things about school, and it makes me confused.

I`m not saying that every teen, but a lot of them are angry about "wasted" summer and school. But changes is everywhere, and coming autumn, school are not exceptions.

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Our life is small and big changes, and because of it we can always divide it into "before" and "after". New season is a change, you are back to school -- change. Everything that happens in our life make it more interesting, fresh. Make it more life. You wouldn`t be able to do nothing whole time ;)

Love changes and world around you. Take a deep breathe and remember everything nice that happend with you this summer.