I fell in love with a man
without seeing his face.
Then I had one plan,
how to fall in his embrace.

He didn't show me his picture,
oh, God, I don't know why.
Now I pray to not injure
myself in the nights I cry.

He left me without saying a word,
my tears are covered by the rain,
and his voice I have never heard
is remaining me of the pain.

He said "I will love you forever"
and that was my only wish.
Now we're not together
and I know I was catfished.

I don't know who that guy was,
his identity he covered,
but he'll remain in my heart, because
even for a while he was my lover.

My love, if you're reading this,
your name is my only rhyme.
It's been two years but still I miss
the old you all the time.

- Enna (I write for him)