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My world, my eyes, the pictures I love, my life. 

My favorite lyrics, even non kpop related.

fallon stark.
headstrong, genius, hacker, sarcastic, full of surprises, & niece of a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.
enjoys ballet, the color pink, hand-to-hand combat, & colt model 654 rifles.
"she can take apart and reassemble an ak-47 in 29.3 seconds, single-handedly take on a ten man army, and perfectly shoot a target from almost a mile away and you don’t want her on your team?"
"…but she’s tiny…and she’s wearing pink"

Some sad black and white pictures:(🖤

dark skin

@WinolaMegan Image result for brown aesthetic  

Sarah Nelissen
Sarah Nelissen

@sarah_nelissen_7 So tired of all the hatred in this world.