5 Sos♡

This band helped me get through a very tough time. Most likely the toughest time of my life. This band helped me to change myself, my way of living and my view on life. They helped me to grow when I was forced to. They had a hand on my back all the time, pushing me forward, but making sure I didn't fall. I wouldn't know where I would be, if I hadn't had their music and their four amazing personalities influencing me through the times, that marked me and my heart forever.

This guy right here is probably the strongest and most beautiful guy you'll ever see. It's hard to put words on the battles he fought, and is still fighting at times, he won and he will win. I believe in him, because he believe in us. He's beautiful inside and out - all that matters is for him to know it too, because we already do. If I could hug him a hundred times a day to let him feel the huge amount of love that I've got for him, I would. It's one of my life goals to be able to do so.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Four idiots from Australia
Make me happier than you!