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Kim Seok Jin, Kim Nam Joon, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, Jeon Jeong Guk,
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My collection devoted to my main bias of BTS: Park Jimin! I consider him my ideal/ dream man. He's beautiful in so many ways and makes me so happy. I can only hope and pray he's happy, healthy and knows how much we all appreciate him. Join the ARMY to continue to love, support and protect our dedicated idol's. P.s I love you Dooly! Fighting! ❀
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@MelanieCristal Taehyung * V * Tae Bts *Crying Moments* *l love Tae's Mom* "BTS pensó que Taehyung era "rico" cuando lo conocieron por primera vez, él estaba utilizando un "jacket" muy caro, pero en realidad, su mamá lo había comprado para él por que ella no quería que l  


@BelleVanderwood Boyfriend Jimin 💗