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App Provides Positive Way For Users to Interact

With what started as just a design board inspiration, We Heart It quickly became a growing business. Designer Fabio Giolito never imagined it would become a site or an interactive app. We Heart It is a place where young users can find artistic inspiration, see and share images, and "heart" images they like.

- Womens Forum

Why We Heart It is the Web's most underrated social network

We Heart It is sneaking up on its competitors, and here's why: not only has it tapped into a demographic coveted by advertisers, but brands have already labeled its nascent native advertising program an incredible success.

- San Francisco Chronicle

Hands-On With The Revamped iOS App For We Heart It, The Feel-Good Social Photo Site

We Heart It, the social image sharing platform that’s attracted a large and passionate user base among teens and the under-25 set, today rolled out a completely rebuilt and redesigned iOS app. We Heart It president Dave Williams swung by TechCrunch‘s San Francisco headquarters to give us a hands-on first look at the app, which has been overhauled from the ground up for the new design.

- TechCrunch

Partnered Report: Episode 27

Both the massive, fast growing audience and a demographic concentration around a young, largely female userbase make this an incredible target for brand partnerships.

- Partnered News

With Nearly 30 Million Users, We Heart It Tests Loyalty With Ads

The first in-stream ads will appear on We Heart It beginning Wednesday, with brands like Old Navy, Hollister and JCPenney signed on as committed advertisers. We Heart It already generates revenue through some banner ads, but this is the first time that native ads will appear in user feeds or on mobile, according to CEO Ranah Edelin

- Mashable

Heart of Gold: We Heart It Weighs in on Social Media and Scores Big

You have to love that We Heart It marches to its own beat, refusing to be just another social media site. Those responsible for putting together this site proved undoubtedly that they have their finger on the pulse of what social media ultimately should be.

- Keycode

We Heart It: Inspiring Images That You Will Love

The We Heart It community is overall a very positive, supportive, and authentic community. In addition to the images being more beautiful and expressive, the community itself is built around people taking only positive actions towards each other in the form of hearting someone else’s image or following that person or brand.

- GeekyCorner

We Heart It CEO Ranah Edelin From SXSW: Branding Through Positivity

Over 80% of our users are under 25 and we have over 25 million people on the service now. The emotion and passion they show as they express themselves through images results in a very alive service that captures a very positive [...] and inspirational tone.

- The Huffington Post

Sonja Erickson of We Heart It

We Heart It is a social network that provides a canvas for people to connect, create and express themselves through images. We Heart It is where people express their authentic self and how they feel today. [It is] a comment-free space where people share with others through images that capture every moment and idea. People are able to share, express, and be themselves creatively without fear of backlash. We Heart It facilitates a shift in mood; our users tell us they browse to feel good.

- The EveryGirl

Teens Think Valentine’s Day Is Lame, Loser

We Heart It, a new and exceedingly popular social network with the teen set, polled nearly 25,000 young adults age 13 to 24 about their feelings on Valentine’s Day. They found that most teens (66 percent of girls, 50 percent of boys) don’t “buy into” Valentine’s Day and believe that it’s “over-rated, disappointing, painful, old-fashioned, and lame.”

- New York Magazine

Why Teens Are the Most Elusive and Valuable Customers in Tech

We Heart It [...] never intended to become a teen-centric network, and yet today, more than 50 percent of its 25 million members are teens. They were attracted to the app, says CEO Ranah Edelin, because it's mobile-friendly, image driven, and doesn't allow comments.

- Inc.

With more than 25M users, We Heart It has found a niche with girls under 24

Teens and younger adults are a special kind of currency for social media sites: high concentrations of the under-24 demographic is often seen as a sign of longevity or potential (think SnapChat or Tumblr), while a decreased number can lead some to believe that the platform is struggling to keep up (see: Facebook). San Francisco-based Photo-sharing platform We Heart It — which operates like a mix of Instagram and Pinterest and emphasizes the communication of feelings — is hitting it big with teen girls.

- Gigaom

Marketing To Under 24s? Ditch Pinterest For We Heart It!

[We Heart It] allows younger people create ‘image profiles’ that help them explain who they are. Like any quality social network, a key element is instantly getting to know someone based on the content they create, curate and share. We Heart It does this with the power of images. The site encourages users to express themselves with photography – to be real and candid about what they like, love and who they are. It’s a winning formula.

- Social Media Impact

5 Hit Social Networks You Need To Know About

We Heart It is an ideal platform for small to mid-size businesses wanting to target the teen and early twenty-something market. By creating your own “canvas” you can express your brand’s personality, create useful content for your target audience and drive traffic back to your website. [...] Advertising is tastefully integrated into this aesthetically driven platform and there is even a Partnership Programme option that offers the “ability to increase traffic to the partner sites by sponsored images”.

- Brainstorm Digital

We Heart It: The biggest social site you never heard of

We Heart It says it has about 25 million users with another million joining every month -- and if you just read that and are thinking, "Never heard of it. How's that possible?" then ask yourself another question:...


We Heart It – The Photo Sharing App With A Social Touch

The We Heart It app is pretty much up there with the top photo-sharing platforms in functionality and is already riding an impressive wave of popularity in the market. Sitting at the top with a gracious 4.5 stars rating on the Google Play store, We Heart It is most definitely a photo sharing app you should consider using.

- OneClickRoot

Why We Heart It Could Be the Next Big Social Network

For a taste of who uses the image-based social network We Heart It, look no further than Facebook. A simple Graph Search query for "People who work at We Heart It" returns hundreds of results, many of them young females with titles like "Boss," "Heartbreaker," and even "Chief Executive Officer," all claiming to work at the 2-year-old startup.

- Mashable

Pinterest Vs. We Heart It for Marketers

But here’s the question—should your business take the leap and sign up for a [WeHeartIt] account? Maybe. If your target audience includes those under 24 using mobile devices—definitely. [...] Think of WeHeartIt as Pinterest’s cooler, artsier little sister. “Believe, feel, love, be, create, inspire” are the first words you’ll see when you visit the We Heart It website. These words are appealing, specifically to a younger generation of hopefuls.

- The Modern Connection

Facebook losing its teenage friends

Maria Barragan said she sometimes uses Instagram but prefers We Heart It, "which is more personal to me."..."It has changed my life in a very positive way, and there is always a new inspiration for every minute I spend on it," she said.

- San Francisco Chronicle

We Heart It—A Facebook Alternative for Teens

It’s easy to see why users feel safe in the relative anonymity of posting to We Heart It; there’s no format for other users to judge them, make negative comments on their images or tease or embarrass them on their pages. For young people going through some of the most difficult, formative years of their lives—and let’s face it—the teen years are difficult and formative for all of us—We Heart It fills a valuable void not met by other social media sites.

- Mamiverse

How a young startup is contending with giant competitors

We Heart It is an image-based social network startup, and launched in the middle of some pretty huge competitors. But, they’ve already surpassed 25 million users and say they are seeing one million new signups every month. They decided to nix comments to so away with bullies, making it popular with younger users.

- AGBeat

‘Teen Pinterest’ We Heart It Gives Brands Some Love

Teenagers make up more than 50 percent of We Heart It’s 25 million monthly users. Predictably, they’re most engaged on mobile. According to We Heart It President Dave Williams, three quarters of the network’s activity occurs via smartphone.

- Contently

The Top 5 Social Media Sites to Watch in 2014

Visually, the site is clean, slick and has a fresh, young feel to it and with mottoes such as “Show what you feel. Spark others. Be real,” it is bound to invite even more interaction amongst its target audience and beyond.

- Focus PR

The Current Pulse of Social Media

If Weheartit is not on your radar it should be. This platform is poised to become a potential competitor to Pinterest and has impressed us with strong and sustained growth for some time now. We are already developing our presence there as we anticipate a bright future for them.

- Impact Social Media

6 Social Networks You May Have Overlooked

This newly growing network is a photo-sharing app that prides itself on having pretty and thought provoking images. And, playing off the name, they are trying to only spread the love. How? By allowing the only interaction between users and posts be by ‘hearting’ them- that means no comments thus preventing any potential Internet bullying or cyber-hate. This strategy is working, as they are priding themselves on scooping up young teens that are getting tired of Facebook and are looking for smaller networks to call their own.

- ViralHeat

Social Media Sites You Need to Know About

[We Heart It]'s a wonderful safe place for exploration, and businesses can use the site not only to inspire their work, but also to see what makes people happy in their everyday lives. It’s a wealth of information at the tips of your fingers, all helpfully presented in beautiful images and moving quotes.

- Creative Market

Is there room for more than one Pinterest?

The growing success of We Heart It and its monthly active user count suggests one thing: there’s room for more than one Pinterest on the market...Pinterest is the old timey aunt with the strongest market grip on the web scrap boarding space. We Heart It is the younger, up and coming rival.

- PandoDaily

Hearting is the new liking

It's the anti-Facebook, a place where people can be themselves, without worrying about what everyone else thinks. The people who "heart" things do it on this website because they feel a stronger connection than you do with a casual, almost obligatory "Like"...a We Heart It profile has a much more personal feel to it than a Facebook timeline. It's something that's yours and only yours, and will never be clogged up by stuff from other people you vaguely know.

- Herts and Essex Observer

We Heart It quietly amasses a following, sneaks up on Pinterest

… younger users especially are increasingly into sharing images, perhaps more than written posts, on social media … You are telling people who you are through this service without writing a 4,000-word manifest … they can tell people who they are, in a very intimate way by associating themselves with things they like.

- Computerworld

Three truths about the visual web we can learn from We Heart It

But as the rise of We Heart It — from seemingly out of the blue — shows that even something as clear-cut and popular as Pinterest might not have a hold on the market it’s carved out … Driven by massive teen adoption of social media and improvements in smartphone and network technology, sites like We Heart It and Wanelo are just getting started.

- GigaOm

We Heart It's Recipe For Visual Web Success

Combining Pinterest’s image-sharing platform with Tumblr’s teenage appeal, We Heart It is a perfect storm of what becomes viral success on the visual Web...Today a female audience isn’t considered "niche", it’s considered a tech revolution.

- ReadWrite

Visual Social Network 'We Heart It' Takes Off

There's a new social network with over twenty million users … and you've probably never heard of it … that has taken off with young people under 24.

- The Wall Street Journal

Photo-based social network We Heart It nets $8 million in funding

We Heart It is a photo-based social network that blends elements of Pinterest with the fresh appeal of Tumblr. The site has largely flown under the radar thus far but … is now being thrust into the limelight as a serious competitor to other media-sharing services.

- TechSpot


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