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Muse Melpomene was the protector of Tragedy; she invented tragedy, rhetoric speech and Melos. She was depicted holding a tragedy mask and usually bearing a bat

Made this to those feeling those peachy vibes. Here's your satisfaction. :) 안녕 :D follow my tw:genewifi

And, in the begin of 2017, I learned,
It is possible for the most broken person to not be broken anymore.
It is possible to replace hatred, regrets and anger with hope, love and forgiveness.
'bout myself : I love coffee, sugar, music (metal, rock, classical and dubstep), anime, dark things and stars.
My dreams : travel around the world with my friends, meet for a second time my soul sister and writing novels. Also, make RPG Maker video games.

V i c t o r i a .
V i c t o r i a .

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