90's And Early&Mid 2000's

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90s that 70s show

Feeling a little nostalgic? Don't worry! Follow this page and you will feel like you just stepped into the 90s, with the crazy daring fashion trends, the fun music ranging from grunge to soothing R&B, the heart throbs and the 90s model bombshells! 🍄🥀🌻🤙🏽

This collection is going to make you feel like a dream
Do you like dreaming
Do you want to live in your dream forever
You don't want to wake up cuz you don't want to end this dream
Well then this collection is for you daydreaming people

Collection of movie and tv scenes that I love. Can be animated and anime films as well!

selena quintanilla

@ala_phanie Selena performing at El Dorado Ranch in 1994 🌹  


@Claire812 Models as party girls: The night is young; let’s have one more cigarette, one more flute of champagne. This photo from Vogue Italia September 1994 doesn’t mention names, but from left to right they look like Carla Bruni, Nadege, Christy Turlington and Cla  

Jennifer Aniston

@jetadoretres Rachel 2.0