He was my Prince of Darkness and Hurt. Ben smelled like an amazingly weird combination of blood and death and love and life, and all the light in the world lived in his blue-green eyes, a light that didn't even begin to make up for the darkness that rested in his veins. But I never cared about that darkness, no, because I loved him anyway. For he is a star, burning brighter than a thousand suns. And my world is a very dark place without him.

since i have depression and anxiety, i feel like if i made this collection people would understand what i and other people with depression and anxiety think/go through.

the outsiders is my fave book & movie wow only legends


@LadeeKiki Beautiful boy with the dimples and split knuckles | You scare me even in my dreams  


@meaningfulquotez If you're not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?  

Alejandro Argoty
Alejandro Argoty

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