Bts 🔊💖

Tbh it's JUST Rapmonya~ I mean I love ALL of them (and when I say all I mean, ALL) but Namjoon is just life💖

"It's okay come on
When I say one two three forget it
Erase all sad memories
Hold my hand and smile"

《 OT7 》
Bias; Taetae 💕
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Bangtan Boys| Bangtan Sonyeondan | BTS

❤they're my seven inspirations.
❤the reason why i still believe.
is so hard to explain how much i love each one of them.
as a fan
all i want to see its their happiness.

All of them deserve to be happy, loved and respected.

this should be enough.fandoms always are for your happiness💕 here we've got some foolish stuff of it🤷


@ChxkeMeJimin HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAP MONSTER <3333 I DO NOT own this edit. Credit: shyubi