One Direction💕

They'll always be in my heart.


And Zayn, too.

I have loved and adored this dork for 5 years and I will continue loving him as long as I breath

Hey!!! This is 4 ALL DIRECTIONERS out there!I insanely luv 1D, so I started this. Well i hav a soft spot 4 Niall so if u find more of Niall in this collection I am sorry😔!N yes I do kno ZAYN MALIK has left the band but I am still gonna post pix of him after all 1D can never b d same widout him!I miss him so much n I hope he comes back!!😭but anyways v DIRECTIONERS R gonna support r boys more thn anything cuz they stayed 4 us!!Luv them with all my heart!!They changed m life n made it 1Derful


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kara sevda
kara sevda

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x sil x
x sil x

@arcticstorm 》Thanks for all. Five years, your five years; our five years 《