Tony Taki Campbell Williams👘

Tony Taki Campbell-Williams is a very prankster type of gyal. She seeks revenge in everyone and everything. She's highly intelligent in blueprints and also super funny Age:14 Birthday:September 13 Characteristics:Sweet, humble, and a Fighter College: Princeton University

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Tala Amani Campbell-Williams is a very creative girl. She's the responsible one and doesn't get into fights like Zene or Tony. But she's sarcastic.

Birthday: September 13
Characteristics: Nice, smart, and has common sense
College: Yale University

Noa Naomi Campbell-Williams is the highly intelligent/clever/smart/keen/motivated. She likes hacking for fun and doesn't fight. Her way of fighting is hacking into your stuff and messaging up your whole life.

Birthday:December 29
Characteristics: Laid back, calm, super duper smart
College: Harvard University


Wanna make diverging like this 🤔👅