— Texts ❤︎

I love getting a text from you

[Would you say that you have overwhelming anger and a need for revenge?]

For as long as I can remember I've been lied to, taken advantage of, shot in the back, and left for dead.

[ More than you know. ]

[ Wash look at me! It's just a memory; it'll pass! Focus Wash, repeat after me: my name is David and I am safe now. I am alright. It's just a memory. ]

You better figure out the difference between your enemies and your friends.

The things I will never be able to tell you;
Now I see how much I meant to you. Nothing. Thanks for letting me know :)

He was my Prince of Darkness and Hurt. Ben smelled like an amazingly weird combination of blood and death and love and life, and all the light in the world lived in his blue-green eyes, a light that didn't even begin to make up for the darkness that rested in his veins. But I never cared about that darkness, no, because I loved him anyway. For he is a star, burning brighter than a thousand suns. And my world is a very dark place without him.

Estelle was the most gorgeous thing that had ever crossed the universe. With her soft white hair and clear diamond colored eyes that were such a contrast to her smooth dark skin and her curvy body. She was completely perfect, no flaws to be seen, and she loved him, all of him. But he wasn't perfect, he was far from perfect. She was a Queen of Beauty and Light, and he was her Prince of Darkness and Hurt. But then he was taken away, and she became an Empress of Death.


@lazywanderess asshsjsj, i sent him a vid of me playing the song "coming home" and he asked if he could save it because: