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I love you all <3

please let me be skinnier. 39

lost in my own mind. 184

life. 270

for my lovely, beautiful killyanne who saves my life daily. 191

obsessions 70

i'm just sad. 176

i'm not worth this. 17

brother please don't leave me wasting away 90

it's okay that we're dying. 59

run for your life, my love. 72

the glass -is- half empty. 79

i don't deserve good people. 157

the music that saves me. 106

random shit that makes me smile. 30

all creatures great and small. 72

in the end, everyone ends up alone. 54

i promise you it's not as far as you think. 24

earth and other stuff i care about ;) 42

watic <3 91

the fray is love. 82

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