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"Sé que voy a quererte sin preguntas"
"Sé que vas a quererme sin respuestas."
~Mario Benedetti.

Quotes, Sayings and Advice, to build you up when you're down!

This collection is a little bit more personal to me but I hope it will give you strength as well. 
•Myer Briggs 
INFJ-A {Advocate} 
84% Introverted 16% Extraverted
75% Intuituve 25% Observant
53% Feeling 47%Thinking
90% Judging 10% Prospecting
61% Assertive 39%Turbulent 
•Spirit Animal-Wolf
Pottermore House-Ravenclaw
Patronus-Irish Wolfhound 
All of this could be BS becuase we're always changing


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